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The Powerfull look for best in 2018

After a record 2017, Henry Blodget and the team continue to grow Business Insiders reach across Instagram, Facebook and the blogosphere.

Tech Crunch News

Founded by Michael Arrington and later sold to AOL, TechCrunch has remained as one of the leaders covering tech industry news, They have grow with all Industries

What is a static site generator? Static website tools explained

Learn about the new wave of lean tools for building fast-loading, low-overhead websites—and leave your fat CMS behind

The programming languages you should learn now

if you're in the market for a new computer Language, what you choose next might be influenced by your current language of choice

7 best practices for managing a multi-cloud environment

Multi-cloud strategies and hybrid IT environments bring a set of challenges that technology leaders might not have expected.

Where autonomous vehicles and edge computing have arrived

Advances in autonomous farming technology are leading farms big and small to 100 percent automation—perhaps the first industry to get there

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